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FL@33 ed.

Laurence King, 2008
224 pages
Fully illustrated colour & b+w.
ISBN: 9781856695695

A celebration of recent postcard design, this unique book showcases over 800 miniature works of art, specially created for a postcard-sized canvas. It features over 100 artists, illustrators, photographers, designers and collectives from around the world, with new talents sitting alongside established artists. Separate sections are devoted to one-off designs, limited-edition sets and books, unusual and hightech postcards and interactive projects. Includes a huge range of handmade artworks, cutting-edge illustrations, commercial promo cards, and even edible and musical postcards.

Designers featured include: Daniel Eatock, Juju's Delivery,

Jeremyville, 123Klan, Geneviƫve Gauckler, Catalina Estrada, Marion Deuchars, Hellovon, eBoy, Gregory Gilbert-Lodge, Supermundane, Anthony Burrill, Tabas, Rinzen, Andrzej Klimowski, Yorgo Tloupas, Mark Adams, Elisabeth Lecourt, Vaughan Oliver at v23 and FL@33.


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