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Laetitia Wolff & Wang Xu ed.

China Youth Press, 2001
144 pages
Full colour.
ISBN: 7500640897

After receiving a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt, Harry worked for Prescriptives Cosmetics designing counters and point-of-purchase displays. With the ideas he developed in his Master's thesis and on the job, Allen opened a studio and developed a line of furniture called Living Systems which he showed at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. The line led to many commissions, including Sony Plaza, NYC and the North Face Store, Chicago. Allen is currently designing new furniture for Dennis Miller and Dune.

In addition to his success as a furniture designer, Allen has achieved prominence for his interiors. His work for the design gallery Moss, in New York's Soho district, received worldwide press coverage soon after completion and has continued to draw favourable attention. He has also worked on a variety of interiors including a jewelry store in Taiwan for Dragonfly Selects, More (the expansion of Moss) and new offices for both Metropolis magazine and the Guggenheim Museum. His retail clients include the Donna Karan Company, Aramis, Inc., Joop! Jeans, Dom Perignon and Hennessy Cognac.

Harry Allen strives to make clean and intelligent design that is both beautiful and sensible.


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