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Akiko Busch ed.

Metropolis Books
283 pages
Colour and b+w.

Spawned from the popular design magazine 'Metropolis', this book celebrates the immense variety of design. Everyone and everything is here. Scholars, pundits, designers, architects, critics, and reporters are all represented, while everything from election ballots to urban design, chairs to fuzzy logic, housing to the Internet is discussed. The richness of thought and stimulating ideas found here could only come from 'Metropolis'. Where else would bar codes be discussed along with cities, NASA rub shoulders with garden design, and a mechanical yam-pounder share space with Robert Moses? No other publication can provide the density of observation, range of perception, and unbridled enthusiasm for design found here. Like 'Metropolis' itself, 'Design Is' radiates the confidence and missionary zeal of those who would change the world."


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