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Thomas Bruggisser, Michael Fries ed.

Gestalten, 2004
336 pages
Full colour.
ISBN: 1861542437

Following on from their first publication, the acclaimed 'Benzin, Young Swiss Graphic Design', Swiss editors and designers Michel Fries and Thomas Bruggisser have now approached 12 single-minded European designers with a very tempting offer: complete artistic freedom to create and design an entire chapter in 'Super-Welcome to Graphic Wonderland', a welcome carte blance to explore the weird and wonderful recesses of their own minds. United in this vision the participants (including Goldenmasters, Lia/Rev, Mattias Schweitzer, Reala, among others) display surprising, hidden talents - even Norm reveal a decdedly playful side. From concept art (a pre-tourism embassy round-up by Abake), via an exquistely illustrated list of alternative Top Tens (Reala) to photographs of a well-thumbed notebook (roughly edited by covering painfully intimate passages with hands), every project tells its own story. Featuring a sharp selection of intensely personal, peripheral, expansive and edgy projects between illustration and graphic design, Super's 336 pages race through styles, paper types and techniques like there's no tomorrow.


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