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Nathan Gale

Laurence King, 2002
190 pages
Full colour.
ISBN: 9781856692700

Type 1 collects together digital typefaces from around the world, providing a unique visual resource in design and research for typographers and graphic designers.

The typefaces are grouped into sections based on typographic styles. Text, Graphic, Calligraphic, Dirty, Stencil, Line, Modular and Bitmapped. Short descriptions of each typeface include information on how it was created and the inspiration behind the design. A full list of email addresses/websites for the designers and foundries is included, making it easy to source the fonts featured.

Contributing typeface designers and foundries include Neville Brody, eBoy, Tobias Frere-Jones, Alexander Gelman, Tom Hingston, Christian Kusters, Miles Newlyn, Swifty, Jeremy Tankard, Alias, FontShop International, the Foundry, Thritype and T-26.

Accompanying the book is a CD-Rom containing eight copyright-free fonts (one to represent each section of the book) specially commissioned from selected typeface designers.


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