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Mike Dorrian

Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2002
240 pages
Full colour throughout
ISBN: 186154247X

Stickers are the new flyers, street-based communication used by the advertising agencies and underground artists from around the world.

This is the first book investigating the latest street-art craze, which answers a need for instant coverage via barely conspicuous action. The book shows why these stickers are capable of blanket exposure at street level. Looked at in close-up, with time for more than a glance on the street, they are distinctive artworks prepared from an array of materials and techniques including appropriated altered labels, self-adhesive film, stencils, spray-paint, colour copies and computer print-outs.

Compiled by the authors/designers behind Scrawl & Scrawl Too, the book includes stickers culled from trips world-wide and sets rare examples from respected graffiti artists alongside interventions by anonymous creators. These messages are subversive, imaginative, amusing and often-times intriguingly coded.


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