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Liz Farrelly ed.

Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2001
256 pages
Over 300 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 1861542208

Specials is Booth-Clibborn Edition's latest selection of the best new graphics on the planet. Wild, eclectic and irreverent, this is communication design 'now'. Playing with the digital aesthetic while incorporating traditional design techniques and hands-on skills, slick computer-generated design is now being tempered with a more human(e) element. Specials brings together a body of work that reflects these new concerns and practices, and aims to capture a current mood that is blind to national borders, as well as age. From acclaimed designers and educators, such as Graphic Thought Facility and Paul Elliman, to up and coming practices, such as Golden Masters in the Netherlands, Happypets Products in Switzerland and the graphics/pop combo Delaware in Japan, this new mood has a foundation in the personal, the playful and the hand-made.


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