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Michel Chanaud & Patrick Morin eds.

Pyramyd Editions, 2008
144 pages
Fully illustrated, colour

Summary of this issue:

The Design of the Beijing Olympics: The logos may be derivative, but the medals and pictograms could prove to be epochal.The Eclectic Cowboy: Pentagram's Michael Beirut explodes B&W in his posters for the Yale School of Architecture. Exercises on the Wall: Experiments with digital printing and painting. Ich, Kar, Momo & the 80s Posters: The unfolding story of French duo Ich&Kar's posters for a North African eaterie in London. Zak Kyes: Graphic Interventionist: CalArts-trained and London-based, Kyes takes a degree-zero approach to his design work. Charts with a Twist: Dutch agency Catalogtree is flouting the rules of statistical graphics for The New York Times. In Logo Parentis: For a singular music venue in Portugal, Stefan Sagmeister has created a resonant identity. Tokyo Fiber 07: Sensuous Synthetics on Show: Carte blanche for 15 designers and novel textiles.


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