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Elizabeth Armstrong

Prestel, 2007
304 pages
300 illustrations, 200 in colour
ISBN: 9783791338781

Miles Davis's seminal recording 'Birth of the Cool', is the starting point for this survey of 1950s West Coast style. From the smooth, hypnotic strains of a Davis riff through Richard Neutra's elegant, modernist residences to the hard-edged paintings of Helen Lundeberg and Karl Benjamin, this well illustrated volume casts a fresh eye on Fifties West Coast style with illuminating commentary from a variety of perspectives. Designed to echo the period it celebrates, this book explores modernist innovations in art, architecture, design, film and music. Prominent cultural critics write on an array of topics: Thomas Hine about the culture of cool; Elizabeth Smith on domestic aspects of the period's architecture; Francis Colpitt on hard-edged abstract painting; Dave Hickey on jazz, and Bruce Jenkins on the crossover between animation and experimental film.


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