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Gestalten, 2002
180 pages
Full colour
ISBN: 3931126846

In 1995 Thomas Marecki aka Marok, mastermind of the extremely successful Schizophrenic! and Lodown had the right idea, in the right place, at the right time. He founded the highly praised Lodown, an organ which imparted the until then visually blank page of the German and European board, street and graffiti scene with its urgently required, unique style. By combining extreme sports, entertainment and a suitably politically incorrect lifestyle with new, modern graphics for the visually backward old school scene (caught between punk rock and ski slope trash), he kick-started a new style elite in the realms of sport, design and ideology, searching for patterns in urban life.

For 'M' Marok unlocks his personal archive and compiles an ostensibly loose, uncommented collection of his own works, illustrations, photographs, ideas and drafts. Freed of any magazine-related story or layout dictates, 'M' can act as a source book and well of inspiration, complimented by two 7-inch-singles with established Viennese electronica genius Patrick Pulsinger.


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