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Daido Moriyama

Editorial RM, 2007
216 pages
138 b+w illustrations
ISBN: 9788493442675

This monograph offers a new look at the work of Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama. An implacable visionary of our fragmented postmodern world, Moriyama is famous not only for his stark images of urban life but also for his transformation of everyday ordinariness, the stream of perceptions that our restless sense of sight registers at every moment of our waking hours. The volume includes a widely-ranging overview of Moriyma's highly contrasted, oddly-angled black-and-white photographs, including sixteen pages printed on yellow paper.

The book includes a brief introductory text by Josè Lebrero Stals and an essay by Minoru Shimizu, which places Moriyama's work in the context of postmodern critical theory on photography, from Benjamin to Barthes to Derrida. Finally, a moving text by Moriyama himself -'Dialogue with Photography'- describes how he succeeded in abolishing the boundaries between subjectivity and objectivity in his art to explore the relentlessly momentary nature of photographs, 'fossils of light and time'.


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