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Helmut Schmid

Seibundo Shinkosha
184 pages
Black + White, some colour.
ISBN: 4416603029

Typography Today introduces the selected works of 88 designers from 15 countries. It traces the course of modern typography from pioneers such as Lissitsky, Tschichold and Zwart to Emil Ruder, Karl Gerstner and Herb Lubalin, through to Wolfgang Weingart, Wim Crouwel and Kohei Sugiura. The new edition includes works by Neville Brody, April Greiman and Ahn Sang-Soo.

Typography Today celebrates Twentieth century typography with contributions by Wolfgang Weingart, Wim Crouwel, Khoei Sugiura, Frango Grigani, John Cage and Helmut Schmid. The book includes the essay Typography as Communication and Form by Emil Ruder.

Typography Today conceived, edited and designed by Helmut Schmid, was first published in 1980 as a special issue of Idea magazine, and republished as a book in 1981 by Seibundo Shinkosha. Though out of print for many years, it has achieved international recognition, prompting this new, expanded edition.


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