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Giorgio Maffei, Annie Pissard, Valerio Dehá², Barbara Nesticá² & Marzia Corraini

Corraini, 2007
160 pages
233 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9788875701123

A book designed and realized by an artist for children represents a special opportunity to approach art in a light and instinctive way. Ten years ago the ÓPLA Archive (Oasis for Art Books) was founded in Merano, in order to preserve and catalogue artists' books for children, and to put them at disposal to whom may be interested in them, such as researchers, students or simple interested passers-by.

To celebrate the anniversary of the biggest italian collection in this domain, Children's Corner, presents artists' books for children designed by Munari, Warhol, Haring, Veronesi, Boetti and many others, organised at the ÓPLA Archive from April 2007.


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