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Urs Peter Fl├╝ckiger

Birkhauser, 2007
144 pages
40 colour & 40 b+w illustrations, drawings
ISBN: 9783764375263

As one of the most important exponents of American minimal art, Donald Judd (1928-1994) has exerted a lasting influence in the field of architecture. Among the lesser-known aspects of his work is a large collection of architectural designs, which explore the relationship of architecture and art. Of special importance for Judd's work in this field is a former military fort in Marfa, Texas, part of which he purchased and then, beginning in 1971, systematically transformed into one of the largest existing ensembles of contemporary art.

This book is the first to address Judd's built work from an architectural perspective. With this in view, the Marfa buildings have for the first time been carefully measured and drawn to scale by the author and his students. Using standard CAD drawings together with historical and contemporary photographs, this volume illustrates Judd's architectural alterations to the buildings in Marfa, and discusses and describes them in its accompanying text. The result is an invaluable source of inspiration for contemporary architecture.


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