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IdN, 2002
175 pages
Full colour
ISBN: 9628617745

Futurefarmers is a San Francisco based design studio that specialises in the investigation and development of new ways in which multi-disciplinary talent can work together. Through collaboration the designers explore the relationship of concept and creative process and strive to remain open to change and spontaneity.

This incredible book from IdN presents the best projects created by Futurefarmers since the studios inception in 1995. It covers web design, print design, illustration, and animation produced for clients such as Lucas Film, NASA, Levi's, Nike, NEC and Swatch. The commercial projects are used as a means to sustain the studios art projects and Artist in Residency Program. For each new design venture a different group of specialists is brought together, and each new configuration contributes to the ever-changing creative landscape that is Futurefarmers.


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