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Rian Hughes

Gestalten, 2002
288 pages
Full colour.
ISBN: 3931126862

A seasonal observer Rian Hughes aka Device is a gifted and often copied illustrator. With his trademark catalogue style of classic 50s and 60s Martini ads and a trained eye for vital details he creates consistent, self-contained settings on posters, book jackets, advertisements or record sleeves. Through deft, deceptive simplification Hughes doesn't create pastiches, but originals more vibrant and real than the actual templates. Beyond being an extremely able draftsman he is also perfectly versed in timely interior design. From Panton-inspired furniture to everyday commodities such as ashtrays, chairs or computers - everything seamlessly fits the mould. Personally responsible for every single detail, Hughes is also a gifted master of font design and has supplied a hand-picked selection (including exclusive and dingbats versions) for the enclosed CD.


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