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im Anstey, Katja Grillner, Rolf Hughes eds.

Black Dog Publishing, 2007
208 pages
85 colour & b+w illustrations
ISBN: 9781904772743

This book documents how, from the fifteenth century onwards, individual architects and movements have endeavoured to maintain their status by defending what they see as their own unique territory - the origins and intentions of their work, and their signature style.

Written contributions from international experts in architecture and art history cover topics including domestic space; eighteenth century landscape gardens; the Berlin of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century; and postmodernism and the 'Death of the Author'; as well as exploring the work of luminaries from Ernst Neufert and Cedric Price to Lewis Caroll.

An alternative look at the history and culture of architecture, Architecture and Authorship includes original research into themes that are of increasing importance to contemporary architectural theory and practice relating to indemnity, ownership, gender, and the writing of history.


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