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Ryo Sanada & Suridh Hassan

Laurence King, 2007
112 pages
230 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781856695046

RackGaki is the first book dedicated to Japan's explosive graffiti scene, illustrating the work of the major graffiti artists - or 'writers' - working in Japan today. The word for graffiti in Japan is rakugaki, but its street pronounciation is rackgaki, punning on the English graffiti term for 'racking' spraycans. RackGaki showcases the creativity that lies within this new and relatively unexplored form of contemporary Japanese art. Interviews with the 'writers' and the authors' own experiences in documenting the different aspects of this subculture, fill out a picture of an art form at the cutting edge, and often at odds with police and civic authorities.

This book also comes with a 28-minute DVD documentary.


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