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Veerle Windels

Ludion Ghent - Amsterdam
131 pages
Full colour.

Belgium fashion design is something special. This beautiful book is about the very beginning, the ups and downs, and the international success of Belgium fashion. It is also about the new generation of fashion designers following in the footsteps of those designers who conquered the world as 'Antwerp Six'. Although not all the designers featured in this book are Belgium, they all do work in Antwerp or Brussels, which is why they are often classified as Belgium, and they are the youngest generation of fashion designers who are leaving their mark on the twenty-first century. Each designer is show to be working on their life's passion, independently of the big fashion houses, away from the big financial backers. As free spirits in a world that is increasingly dominated by marketing, they continue to design collections that regularly make impression and cause a stir in the international press. This book tells their story.


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