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Laurence Benaim

Vilo, 2001
272 pages
Well illustrated colour, b+w.
ISBN: 2845760353

Duds, trousers, ducks, slacks, cords, plus fours. Fantasy pants. Sports pants. Cassimere pants. Sunday pants. Baggy, skin-tight, narrow, hugging, Hussar pants, bell-bottoms, cuffed, with foot straps, Oriental sarouels, Indians dhotis, Korean pajis, Japanese hakamas, pants have spanned centuries and civilizations.

Never has an article of clothing been so popular, yet so tainted with taboo. It is through them, in declaration of movement, of body, of all freedoms, that veritable revolutions in fashion have occurred. Their name remains linked to Levis, Poiret, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, who made them a classic part of the woman's wardrobe.

This book provides a fascinating history of the pant through photographs, fashion illustrations and informative text.


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