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Jean-Claude Daniel, Jean-Francois Millier, Collective.

Pyramyd Editions, 2006
320 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 2350170349

In 2006, the 17th edition of the International Festival of the Poster and Graphic arts of Chaumont (France) pay homage to the Polish Master Henryk Tomaszewski through a broad selection of posters and original drawings and invite French Michel Quarez to present his creations between painting and post. The Festival accomodates Germany with an exposure of work of five Berliner studios (, ATAK, CYAN, Fons Hickmann m23 and Angela Lorenz) and photomontages and posters of FriederGrindler.Jean-Marc Ballèe invests public space with images which it glanèes during his residence in Chaumont. In addition, 120 posters of more than 60 countries are presented among the 2000 received for the International Contest.


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