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Theodora Vischer

Steidl, 2006
152 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 9783865212894

Over the past 15 years Tacita Dean has created a body of work in film, photography and drawing that's impressive in its idiosyncratic handling of those media and striking in its contrary beauty. In combination with the drawings collected here, and with photographs and stories, her slow-moving projections--which border on the meditative--present a panorama in which fleeting moments come to a standstill. Her meticulous framing and awareness of the flow of filmic time evoke eerily specific atmospheres, and her films provide the creative impulse for remarkable work in other media. Analogue, the first methodical study and graphic presentation of her drawings, gathers not just those on paper but also on blackboards and alabaster and in photographs, and considers them in light of her roots as a painter. Dean discusses them, and their connections to her film work, in an interview.


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