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Oscar Asensio

Page One, 2006
317 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 9812453474

Among the things that we usually find in a home, furniture and lamps stand out. The way we become accustomed to living with them and seeing them on a day to day basis leads us into a routine in which we hardly notice the qualities they offer and which only come to our attention when they have become so deteriorated that they have to be replaced. Because of the functions they fulfill, they become indispensable to life within our homes. Because of their design, they allow us to create determined atmospheres according to our tastes.

Nowadays, and more than at any other time, the choice of materials, colors, forms and textures has become infinite given the possibilities offered by technology and the insistence of the professions to innovate. History has shown that the uses and customs of each period have led to particular solutions to respond to each new necessity. Nowadays, it is a fact that the proliferation of inventions of the technological era is leading to changes of great significance in our social relationships and consequently in a redefinition of the space that we occupy, the world of architecture, interior design and furnishing.

As an authentic compilation of the latest tendencies and achievements, this volume Des!gnDes!gn Furniture & Lights is an extensive handbook of furniture and lamps manufactured by well-known brands in collaboration with highly acclaimed designers such as Xavier Lust, David Guido, Oscar Tusquets, Alvaro Siza, Ingo Mauer and more.


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