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Design Center Stuttgart ed.

Birkhauser, 2006
220 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 3899860748

The well-known award, which the Design Center Stuttgart organizes yearly under a different theme, or focus, presents current design trends from different areas. This year products are shown that set striking accents in the market - "strong" products whose handling makes them a joy to use. Their design and features will be clearly associated with the energy topic. In formal terms, their design will above all be dynamic, forceful and uncompromising. The catalogue features all the award-winners from the following areas: Production, assembly, medicine, installations technology and controls, bathroom, kitchen, interiors, lighting, communication, optical equipment, architecture and public space, transport and traffic, sport and outdoor products. The Design Center Stuttgart draws public attention to design topics, and shows small and medium-sized businesses the opportunities that the consistent application of professional design offers for product development and overall corporate image.


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