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Ed van Hinte, Timo de Rijk, Ida Jager ed.

010 publishers, 2006
128 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 9789064505850

Current culture seems to be engaged in covering up reality. Before they know it real objects are buried under layers of meaning and even immaterial narratives. Upholstered furniture still is an everyday phenomenon. Yet classic provision of comfortable softness seems to have escaped the attention of top designers. One reason may be that they are interested in image rather than seating. Another is that upholstering is a complex and costly process. They do, however, experiment with ways to integrate upholstery with structure and with new production methods. This book tells all, well almost anyway, there is to know about upholstering furniture, with many colourful and inspiring examples. Ten of those, designed by the likes of Dick van Hoff, Maartje Steenkamp and Bertjan Pot, were especially developed for a project that was undertaken by the Sofa foundation, a Dutch organisation that aims to promote the development of quality furniture.


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