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Phaidon Press, 2006
808 pages
Over 3000 illustrations & 500 drawings.
ISBN: 0714843997

Design Classics is a honed and laboriously-selected list of products, most of which are still in production. The objects contained within, presented chronologically, truly encapsulate what design is and what design will be for decades to come.

The book includes not only classic objects created by great and internationally renowned designers, such as Breuer, Le Corbusier, Dreyfuss, Eames, Yanagi and Castiglioni, to name but a few, but also anonymously designed pieces, such as the clothes peg, the deck chair, the corkscrew and the chopstick, which, in spite of lacking a specific designer, have achieved such perfection in design and functionality that they have eliminated the possibility of improvement. From the paperclip, to the Alvar Aalto Savoy vase, to the Jaguar E Type and more.

Informative and comprehensive, this is remarkable and worthy reference work for industrial designers and design enthusiasts.


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