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WeWorkForThem editorial

WeWorkForThem, 2006

Every well-designed typeface has its own spirit, its own personality, its own vibration. And every vibration has its own pulse, its own pace, its own motion. Enter the Dragon is an experimental video compilation exploring the nuances of type. The videos don't just spell out words; each video embodies the spirit of the typeface it features. Over 40 minutes of motion graphics that are alternately blessed, enameled, processed, alloyed, selected, exposed, composited, and otherwise thrown-down in a no-holds-barred battle reminiscent of Andy Kaufman's wrestling career.

Contributing artists: MK12, Matt Owens of Volumeone, Joshua Davis of Praystation, Nando Costa of HungryForDesign

Gmunk, WeWorkForThem, Greyscale, Stat Ind, Jens Karlsson of Chapter3, GHava, Typevsm, U-C-E-R*, C404, Justin Harder, Joost Korngold of Renascent, Danny Yount, Chandler Owen, Suk Koch, Feel Good Anyway, Lance Sells of Normal Natural, Quinta-feira, Laundry, Eddie Pak of Suction, Burkom, Rocketpowered Mice and Yann Orhan.


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