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Sandy Black & Elyssa Da Cruz

Black Dog Publishing, 2006
192 pages
300 colour illustrations
ISBN: 1904772412

Whilst it may at first seem obvious that textiles play a pivotal role in fashion design, the use of fabric is not often discussed in its own right, but is seen merely as a material with which a designer can execute their vision. Fashioning Fabrics seeks to redress this (as it were). With an introduction by Polly Leonard, editor of Selvedge magazine, and a renowned writer in textiles, this book considers the role that fabrics play in the fashion industry.

Using profiles of numerous iconic designers, who put fabrics at the centre of their practice, Fashioning Fabrics attempts to create an overview of how textiles are evolving and impacting on the fashion industry. From Issey Miyake's sculptural pleats to Jessica Ogden's reworked vintage fabrics, it explores and pays homage to the experimental, the beautiful and the extravagant in textile production. It is an essential resource for those interested in fashion or design.


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