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Jan Hochstim

Rizzoli, 2005
268 pages
Fully illustrated, colour and b+w.
ISBN: 9780847826032

Between 1941 and 1966, Florida became host to sweeping innovations in residential architecture rivaled only by what was happening in California with the Case Study Houses. Florida Modern documents the best work of the era, from Key West to Jacksonville, documenting numerous unsung and unpublished masterpieces by such architects as Paul Rudolph, Gene Leedy, and Rufus Nims. With today's widespread resurgence of interest in 'Mid Century Modernism,' the houses appear as fresh and contemporary as they did over fifty years ago. Many of the houses have been preserved as they were originally built, with Saarinen chairs and Eames furniture all part of the mise-en-sc├źne.

While these houses found their inspiration in part from the philosophies of the Bauhaus, they were quick to incorporate aspects of regional Southern architecture, using verandas, porches, and raised floors to open out to tropical vegetation, and more importantly, cooling breezes. The appeal of many of these homes is the blurring of indoors and outdoors, the connection to the natural environment, and, perhaps even more so today, the eco-conscious spirit that favored local materials and natural ventilation.


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