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Sophie Spencer-Wood

Phaidon Press, 2006
208 pages
123 dutone, 52 colour 6 foldouts
ISBN: 0714844020

Family is a collection of almost 200 photographs by a wide range of photographers that consciously reflect on the emotions and experiences wrought and woven into the family unit. It presents the work of some of the earliest photographers to consider the subject, alongside those taking pictures of their family today. Rather than a sociological study that maps its metamorphosis, the book marks the curiosity for family and the element of autobiography that continues to stand the test of time.

Family reflects upon some of the meanings behind our family photographs and considers the time-honoured relationship between family and photography. The normally private and intimate world of familial relationships is revealed to us through the work of these photographers, and through their vision we are reminded of the common patterns and forms that underlie our most intimate and personal emotional ties.

The book is not organised chronologically or by theme and chapter, but many of the ideas and themes we associate with family photographs are discernible through sequenced stories and the juxtaposition of single images. Each selection of photographs will be represented by a short commentary placed at the back of the book.


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