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Jitka Hanzlova

Steidl, 2006
96 pages
45 colour illustrations
ISBN: 3865212107

In Forst Hanzlova enters the forest of her childhood and confronts herself in her youth. She explores the forest as a kind of visible, perceptible 'unknown' in us, as source, as moss, as depth and darkness in which we place ourselves and from which we emerge into the light. This deep ground is like the bottom of the ocean and like the water which is the anchor of our being. Even though we may not often go into the forest, we know that it is there and we realize that the forest is critical, indeed absolutely essential, for oxygen exchange, for fauna, for micro-organisms and lots more. The forest is father and mother to the Earth. In this respect, Hanzlov√°'s work takes on a transpersonal dimension and becomes a meaningful sociopolitical work.


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