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Tania Kovats ed.

Black Dog Publishing, 2007
320 pages
280 b+w & colour illustrations.
ISBN: 9781904772811

Drawing has recently gained greater attention due to the prominence of contemporary artists who use it as a final medium of expression, rather than as a preliminary tool for sketching ideas. Edited by artist Tania Kovats, The Drawing Book positions drawing as an essential vehicle for creativity, reaching through the discrepancies between its uses by architects, artists and scientists for a deeper truth about the nature of drawing.

The book is arranged around a number of central themes; measurement, nature, the city, dreams and the body; each one richly illustrated with images ranging from cave paintings to engineering diagrams. These run alongside numerous artists' commentaries as well as three substantial essays, considering the history and current popularity of the medium. The result is a book that takes an entirely new approach to the age old medium of drawing.


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