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Stuart Bailey ed.

Princeton Architectural Press, 2005
144 pages
Illustrations in colour and b+w.
ISBN: 9077620044

The publisher's note that since its conception in 2000 Dot Dot Dot 'has immatured into a jocuserious fanzine-journal-orphanage based on true stories deeply concerned with art-design-music-language-literature-architecture and uptight optipessimistic stoppy/revelatory ghostwriting by friendly spirits mapping b-sides and out-takes pushing for a resolution in bleak midwinter through late summer with local and general aesthetics wound on an ever tightening coil'.

Issue 10 will be the answer to the groups original statement of intent. A statement they believe can only be addressed with conviction now, in hindsight, after the necessary mistakes and false trails. In making a compilation issue they are not producing a retrospective, but the logical form for the next steps.


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