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Virginia Ponciroli

Electa, 2005
402 pages
Illustrated in full colour.
ISBN: 9781904313373

First revealed to the modern architectural world by Bruno Taut, the great German architect and theorist in the early 20th century, Katsura stunned and then excited the architectural community of the West. Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, pillars of the Modernist establishment, were fascinated by Katsura's 'modernity.' They saw in its orthogonal and modular spaces, devoid of decoration, clear parallels to contemporary Modernism, going so far as to proclaim Katsura a 'historical' example of Modernity. This book documents the palace in detail, combining the commissioned photographs, detailed drawings, archival material and historical analysis from world-renowned architects including: Francesco Dal Co, Walter Gropius, Manfred Speidel, Kenzo Tange, Arata Isozaki, Bruno Taut.


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