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Steffen Mackert

Gestalten, 2005
160 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 3899550900

In Surf, Mutabor designer and passionate surfer Steffen Mackert  makes this sport tangible for readers. Unlike other titles that have been published on the subject that only concern themselves with technique or biography, this is an illustrative an informative handbook. It presents fundamentals through absorbing graphic design and insightful texts and is structured to give both insiders and newcomers step-by-step access to the sport, culture and aesthetics of surfing.

Surf, begins on land by introducing the roots of surfing. Up to date explanations of surfer style, equipment and meteorological wisdom follow. The next chapters take place on the beach, where warm-up exercises and safety are addressed. Finally, readers are allowed in the water, where theory is put into practice with competent tips and tricks. The book concludes with a short look at professional surfing.

Surf, gives insight into a sport that has left its mark on today's aesthetics and has strongly influenced visual developments in areas ssuch as skateboard, snowboard and street culture.


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