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Burkhard Frohlich & Sonia Schulenburg ed.

Birkhauser, 2003
112 pages
Approx. 120 colour, 70 b/w.
ISBN: 3764369787

In recent years metal as a construction material has been experiencing a renaissance. Its diverse qualities and versatility mean that it is an ideal material for many different applications. Gone are the days when metal was only used for the roofing and facades of industrial sheds. In the meantime, architecture and industry have discovered its aesthetic qualities, using it to cover theatres, museums, and exhibition buildings with shimmering layers of copper and titanium. It enables extravagant forms to be constructed, and even in low-cost, prefabricated buildings, metal can be used in new and interesting ways. It has become an integral factor in creating intelligent architectural solutions which meet the requirements of clients, investors and architects.

Metal Architecture documents some 21 international projects which show not only the creative elements but also the economic advantages of metal. The buildings are presented with numerous colour illustrations and detailed plans. The book concludes with technical information on the uses of metal in construction, practical details and tips on using metal in planning and construction.


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