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Martin Barnes

Merrell Publishers, 2005
256 pages
With 200 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 1858943078

This is the first monograph on this contemporary British artist who for over thirty years has challenged perceptions of photography within fine art. Using light as his raw material to make strikingly luminous and visceral images, Fabian Miller has sought to convey the visual and metaphysical potential of his medium.

Since the mid-1980s he has made photographs without a camera or negatives. Beginning with the discovery that translucent objects, such as leaves and petals, could act as colour transparencies, he went on to work with coloured glass vessels, pigmented water and oil, and cut paper forms, placing these materials in contact with photographic paper, or at a distance, before allowing them to filter light or cast shadow patterns. The results are one of a kind, while evoking the magical lure of early 19th century photographic experimentation.

Illumine features full colour illustrations and descriptive texts that chart Fabian Miller's interest in light as well as the philosophical underpinnings on his art, while placing the work in contemporary and historical contexts.


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