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Stuart Bailey &Peter Bil'ak eds.

Dot Dot Dot, 2004
128 pages
Illustrated in colour & b+w.
ISBN: 9077620028

Issue 8 of Dot Dot Dot contents:

Dear X - Stuart Bailey

The Boy Who Always Looked Up (Part II) - Ryan Gander

City Turned Upside Down - Paul Elliman

Equation for a Composite Design - Stuart Bailey

AA Philosophy - Diedrich Diederichsen

Design for a new disease - John Körmeling

Inside-Outside - Anna Gwendoline Jackson

Shadow Lovers - Momus

A Coming Of Age Reading Checklist - Brian McMullen

Manchester City Centre - Jim Medway

Czech Dream Project - AntonÌn KosÌk

Global Branding - David Reinfurt

The Metaphor Topology Riddle, or, etc. etc. - Graham Meyer

I've Gone Modern - Gerry Beegan

Dead Americans (excerpt) - J.J. King

Cloak and Dagger - Steve Rushton

Why Are All These Books Orange? - Dmitri Siegel

The English Breakfast as a Modular System - Katherine Gillieson

The Art of the Film Essay - Kodwo Eshun

Black, American, Express - David Reinfurt

Journal of High-Principled Typography - Karel Martens

About Nothing, Really - Peter Bilak


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