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Kevin Finn ed.

The Manifesto Group
101 pages
Text-based journal.

'Open manifesto' is a journal based in Sydney, Australia, encouraging critical writing on the topics of graphic design and visual communication. Aiming to release two issues a year on an irregular basis, in this, the first issue, we have selected a variety of contemporary thinkers from Australia, and abroad, to share their ideas. In future issues, we endeavour to continue casting the net as wide as possible, inviting published and unpublished writers to contribute their thoughts. The first issue includes an interview with Vince Frost on 'Understanding design'; an essay on 'The tabloidization of the media', by Mary Gallagher, Donegal, Ireland; 'A letter to a young designer', by Craig Bremner, Canberra; an interview with Hina Qureshi, a recent Muslim design graduate from Sydney, on the topic of 'Cultural Schizophrenia', and another interview with Nicole Foreshew, a recent Aboriginal design graduate from Sydney, on issues facing indigenous communities and design, to name a few. Some contributions to the second issue have already been confirmed from New York, London, Canberra and Sydney.

Support and criticism is welcome.


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