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DUTCH DESIGN 2004-2005
Raoul Deleo, Harmine Louwe

BIS Publishers, 2004
672 pages
2500 full colour illustrations.
ISBN: 9063690754

This is the 8th edition of BIS Publishers' successful Dutch Design showcase series, published in collaboration with BNO, the Association of Dutch Designers. Over 400 Dutch designers present themselves with their best and most recent work. This book (volume X) is one of two hardbound volumes, and concentrates mainly on the work of graphic designers, with more concise sections devoted to packaging and illustration design. The use of top grade paper, a variety of printing inks, UV varnish for the hardback covers and an overall rich and colourful design, ensures that this publication appeals to designers throughout the world who find inspiration in Dutch experiment and creativity.

Volume Y highlights the work of designers active in the fields of product, interior, retail, exhibition and new media design.


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