Photography  —  New Release BACK
Phil Penman

G Arts, 2019
2053 pages
Fully illustrated, colour and b+w
ISBN: 9780999243053

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World-renowned, English-born photographer Phil Penman has kept his fingers on the pulse of New York City for over two decades, pounding the pavement on the frenzied streets as a paparazzo to capture the decisive moment. From three day stakeouts at McDonald's to constant clashes with law enforcement, Penman's anecdotes and unfiltered insights take readers behind the flashing lights, allowing insider access into the mad-dash lives of the paparazzi and what it takes to get the perfect shot.

With years of chasing the celebrity buzz all around New York City, Penman has also witnessed and documented all that the city has to offer, from its sublime urban landscape to the local personalities and their unapologetic idiosyncrasy. Street offers an encompassing overview of Penman's versatile oeuvre with all its glamour and grit.


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