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Hatje Cantz, 2020
208 pages
Fully illustrated colour & b+w.
ISBN: 9783775746267

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Dolores Soldevilla Nieto was a passionate Cuban artist whose career blossomed in the 1950s. Following early professional turns, she emerged later in life as a prolific artist and fervent advocate for culture. She became Cuba's cultural attaché to Europe, embarking on a path that would dramatically alter the course of her life and the discourse surrounding Cuban abstraction at mid-century.

Residing in Paris, she studied in the ateliers of prominent European and American artists, and, after returning to Cuba, she played an active role as a vital link between the European avant-garde and the new voices of abstraction emerging throughout Latin America and Cuba. Loló Soldevilla: Constructing Her Universe is the first monograph devoted to her remarkable achievements, providing compelling insight into the life and work of this exceptional artist.


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