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B. Martin Pedersen ed.

Graphis Press, 2004
256 pages
Over 300 full colour illustrations.
ISBN: 1931241376

Beneath today's corporate communications clutter, designers are challenged more than ever to conceive and produce high quality brochures. The fifth edition of Brochures presents international designers and showcases design solutions and techniques in great, illustrated detail. The commentary section explores the unique facet brochures bring to the design arena, including provocative interviews with leading experts: Japanese designer Taku and Satoh and Anders Kornestedt of Finnish Happy F&B; and a discussion between photographer Terry Vine and designer Lana Rigsby. A complete index provides the names of creative personnel, clients, printers, paper specs and coordinates of design firms. Graphis Brochures 5 is an indispensable resource for promotional brochure publishers and designers.


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