Photography  —  New Release BACK
Michael Kenna

Nazraeli Press, 2019
Spiral Bound
13 pages
13 Duotone photographs
ISBN: 9781590055120

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Michael Kenna's intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality.

We are pleased to present our twenty-fourth calendar featuring his work. It features thirteen photographs: Hillside Fence, Study 7, Teshikaga, Hokkaido, Japan. 2004; Snow Covered Hillside, Pyongchang, South Korea. 2012; Six Flying Birds, Bath, Avon, England. 1987; Avenue of the Giants, California, USA. 1998; Notre Dame, Study 3, Paris, France. 1987; Beach Umbrellas, Jeung-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2012; Joemma Beach, Study 4, Washington, USA. 2017; Bruton Dovecote, Somerset, England, 1990; Seventeen Arch Bridge, Study 3, Beijing, China. 2016; Dorsoduro View to Guideca, Venice, Italy. 2017; Upper Manhattan, New York, USA. 2010; Torii Gate, Study 3, Shosanbetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. 2014; Tree and Slippers, Woljeongsa Temple, South Korea. 2005.


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