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Daniel Raeburn

Laurence King, 2004
112 pages
With 100 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 185669397X

Chris Ware is widely acknowledged, both within and beyond the comics scene, as a true graphic innovator. His work combines comic book art, writing, hand-lettering and graphic design. Most famous for his character named Jimmy Corrigan, published in a bestselling graphic novel in 2000 and described as 'the Great American novel in comic book form,' Ware has also won recognition from the fine art establishment. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and his drawings were included in the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial.

This book, part of the Monographics series edited by Rick Poynor, includes an analytical introductory essay, carefully selected examples of Ware's work, detailed captions, and a bibliography for reference and research.


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