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DETAIL, 2019
200 pages
Fully illustrated colour.
ISBN: 9783955534660

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Buildings by David Chipperfield Architects embody clarity and minimalism as well as a successful blend of innovation and time honoured techniques. The goal is to develop architecturally, socially and intellectually sophisticated solutions, with a constant eye on the unified whole, and never the brash gesture.

Since its foundation in 1985, David Chipperfield Architects has realised projects worldwide, of various typologies and architectural milestones, as well as smaller projects, each with their own special character. The reputation of the office is due not least to the skilful integration of all project stakeholders in the design process and the continuous refinement of a design concept up to completion.

This monograph on David Chipperfield Architects looks behind the scenes, describes processes and presents one thing above all - a multitude of building details.

- Innovation through continuity
- Projects and processes
- A look behind the scenes of David Chipperfield Architects


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