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Anne Collins Goodyear, Seph Rodney,Jonathan Frederick Walz

Radius Books, 2019
192 pages
200 colour photos.
ISBN: 9781942185499

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Linn Meyers is best known for her intricate line-based paintings and drawings, and her large-scale installations. This book provides a comprehensive survey of works made between 2004-2018, including paintings and site-specific wall drawings, as well as detailed preparatory drawings and graph paper drawings. The book includes a poem by Seph Rodney, plus essays by Jonathan Frederick Walz and Anne Collins Goodyear.

Linn Meyers' large projects require a great deal of endurance and involve drawing in the gallery space over the course of days, sometimes weeks or months, accumulating lines into dense and intricate compositions. The scale of these projects allows meyers to respond to the existing architectural features, magnifying the wholly committed performativity of her process. On Meyers' exhibition for The Hammer Museum, Senior Curator Anne Ellegood wrote, "The sense of being present while viewing the work is also amplified at this larger scale, allowing viewers to experience the work not just visually but also physically. To see a wall drawing is to be surrounded by it and to feel oneself to be part of the work."


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