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Co-Working Space Designs
Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui ed.

Images Publishing, 2018
272 pages
400 colour illustrations
ISBN: 978186470977

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Shared workspaces, better known as 'co-working spaces' have grown in popularity as an alternative to the traditional office filled with cubicles. To help designers and architects take advantage of this evolution in workplace environment, Co-Working Space Design includes 43 examples of excellent co-working spaces along with an introduction detailing how designing for a co-working space differs from traditional offices. This book is a great choice for designers wishing to know more about the latest in office design as well as business owners who want to experiment with their office layout to improve productivity.

Book Features:

Over 40 case studies of actual award-winning co-working spaces.
In-depth analysis of best practices in designing co-working space.


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