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The World of Bees
Cristina Banfi (Author), Giulia De Amicis (Ilustrator)

White Star, 2018
64 pages
Colour Illustrations
ISBN: 9788854412767

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Bees have always been friends to man, even way back in prehistoric times. They feed on nectar and pollen and transform them into honey, a delicious substance that besides being a tasty food, it's a key ingredient for many beauty products, and a synonym for pleasant and nourishing pampering. But the importance of bees goes far beyond this. These special insects play a role of primary importance in the pollination of flowers and plants, which are at the base of the food chain of a great many animals.

This book gives you the chance to get to know them from up close, and to explore their fascinatingly complex society, showing you how everything is perfectly organized, from the cleanliness of the hive to its defence, from gathering nectar to caring for the larvae.

The book pays special attention to the dangers these hard-working insects currently face due to pollution and harmful human behaviour that risk interfering heavily with the life of a species that ought to be defended at all costs!

About the Author

Cristina Banfi Graduate in Natural Sciences at the Universita degli Studi di Milano, she has taught in a number of scholastic institutes. She is a founding member of the Museum Didactic Association (ADM) and ADMaiora, working in the field of education in museums and exhibitions. For over 20 years she has worked in scientific communication and learning through play and boasts a vast editorial experience in both education and popularisation, in particular for children and young adults.


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