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Lorenzo Vitturi

Self Publish, Be Happy, 2017
144 pages
Full colour images
ISBN: 9781999814410

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The book explores themes of globalisation, urbanisation, colonialism and capitalism. Sending materials back to his London studio, Vitturi worked to layer painting, fabrics and objects into collages and sculptures that mimicked the arrangements he came across in the market. In weaving different types of images together, he mines the material substance of the market, and attempts to make sense of the time he spent there and the layers of experience and transformation he encountered along the way. Each cover is handmade and unique, collaged by Vitturi with recycled off-cuts of various fabrics, vinyl and leather. The Nigerian writer Emmanuel Iduma has written an accompanying glossary as a way to navigate through the book and it's many voices, based on his experiences growing up in Lagos. Money Must Be Made is a love letter from Vitturi to Lagos, its spirit and its people.


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